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Guillermo "Willy" Carrazana

Willy was born in Santa Clara, Cuba June 25th 1950.
He has an older brother and a younger sister.

In 1958, when Willy was just eight years old, he began working with his grandfather in the cigar business. His grandfather (Sesario Cardenas) was the one who instilled the skills of the cigar making trade to Willy. This was at a time when cigars were bartered for two to five cents a piece (if you can imagine). So he grew up learning what it takes to make great cigars.

This lead Willy to further his skills at the "Romeo Y Julieta" factory in Cuba in 1976. He remained at the factory for about 12 years from which he then traveled to the U.S. and began working with with the "Cuban Cigar Factory" in San Diego. He kept his education ongoing there learning all the combinations possible for the perfect cigar and remained there for eight years before moving his family to Chandler, AZ.

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Now "Willy Cigars" resides in Arizona bringing to you the many years and thought staking processes that go into creating a cigar that brings the best aroma and taste possible. Willy hand selects the tobacco himself from his family in the Dominican Republic. Willy Cigars only incorporates the best parts of the leaf, which is grown from cuban seed with a minimum of three years aging, using the leaves with the most veins for the filler and binder to bring that sought after aroma of the cigar.

The selection process for the wrapper is slightly different. The wrapper that is used for all the cigars is strictly Connecticut shade that has been aged for a minimum of one year. In order to achieve the best texture and aroma for the wrapper, Willy selects only the finest, smoothest, less veined leaves.

This combination brings to you, the cigar smoker, the most enjoyable cigar ever. "Willy Cigars" hopes that you enjoy our cigars and after trying one, you will agree that there is nothing else like it in the market today.

Willy also conducts "On-Site Cigar Making Demonstrations" at cigar shows, cigar parties, conventions, shows, casinos, or other special occasions.

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