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For the most discerning cigar lover looking to buy cigars of a high quality by a master craftsman, Willy's Cigars has all you are looking for in a fine cigar. Made with imported tobacco leaves straight from the Dominican Republic and blended with Cuban tobacco seeds to ensure a top quality product, these cigars are a luxury you cannot afford to live without.

There really is nothing like a good cigar, and it is easy to tell the poor quality from the high-class variety. Relaxing with a poorly made cigar is like trying to enjoy a poor blend of whiskey - it is not really worth trying if not done properly. So when you buy cigars, ensure that you are getting something that is made by an experienced craftsman with a passion for the product - and the use of only the finest products cannot be questioned.

President Guillermo "Willy" Carrazana hails from Cuba and has always been passionate about the craft behind making an excellent cigar. From the tender age of eight years old, Willy learned from his cigar-making grandfather what went into the manufacture of a good Cuban cigar. Now, with forty-five years experience under his belt, Willy himself has taken the trade to new levels with his incredible array of varieties and innovations, such as cognac-cured tobacco. If you are looking to buy cigars, Willy's Cigars is a superb choice, as so much experience and care has gone into the making of each one.

With tobacco leaves aged for no less than three years and hand-picked by Willy himself from family farms in the Dominican Republic, you can be assured that every bit of attention and care has gone into the making of each one. The cigar wrapping, too, undergoes rigorous scrutiny, and only the best quality and least-veined Connecticut Shade aged for one year is chosen for the wrapping - something worth thinking about the next time you decide to buy cigars.

Based in Arizona, Willy has brought this fine art of cigar making to the United States from his native Cuba, and you now have the pleasure of a perfect Cuban cigar made right here at home. Buy cigars that give you incredible variety and are available at the convenience of being made locally, but without compromising on quality. You still get a beautiful product created by an experienced craftsman. Willy is also available to personally demonstrate this delicate art of making the perfect cigar, and will show you how only the best leaves, blended with fine Cuban tobacco seeds are rolled - cigar shows, parties and special occasions are excellent opportunities to show all how a real craftsman works.

The website provides picture listing of the various cigar types available, as well as information about special orders, such as cigar rings emblazoned with "It's a girl!/It's a boy!". A detailed account of Willy's background is also available to help you cement your confidence in this fantastic cigar maker. So, if you are looking to buy cigars that are exceptional, choose Willy's Cigars and become one of many who are relaxing in the luxury of a perfect cigar-smoking experience.


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