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Cigars are a statement in opulence and class and used to celebrate many momentous occasions like the birth of a newborn or special event in life. Cigars from Willy Cigars are top quality, hand-rolled cigars made from the finest quality tobacco leaves. These quality cigars are rolled by Willy himself who boasts over forty-five years of experience in quality cigar supply to tobacconists all over the United States. Visit http://www.willycigars.com/ to learn more about Willy, who knows that care and attention to detail is the key to rolling quality Cuban cigars and who grows exceptional quality tobacco from original Cuban seeds locally here in the U.S. and then rolls his top quality Cuban cigars by hand. These cigars are highly sought-after by tobacco connoisseurs everywhere.

The first cigars were called Havanas and were discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492, when he found them being smoked by native Indians of Cuba and these were made from the raw, twisted leaves of cured tobacco. Dried corn husks were used as the wrappers with the tobacco leaves rolled within. The first cigars to be made in a similar fashion to those were produced in Spain in the early 18th century and were only smoked by the wealthy.

Today, quality handmade cigars undergo stringent quality checks after rolling and trimming and because they are manufactured from many different types of superior tobacco, each are graded according to their type and origination. After weighing and checking cigars for proper size, shapes and that they are the correct weight they are packaged and labeled for shipping to tobacconists to meet orders. Because quality cigars are still very expensive due to the high standards and extensive handmade manufacture, most are still smoked by wealthy people or to celebrate a special occasion. Willy Cigars, managed by Willy, the owner himself, meet high quality expectations in the tobacco connoisseurs market for cigars and he is a well-known supplier of the Cuban cigar that is well-renowned worldwide due to the exceptional quality tobacco leaf from which it is manufactured. Read about the humble beginnings of Willy at http://www.willycigars.com/about.html. Willy Cigars is a company based in Arizona bringing to you the many years and thought-staking processes that go into creating cigars that brings the best aroma and taste possible. Willy hand selects the tobacco seeds himself from his family in the Dominican Republic and the tobacco and the cigars are rolled here in the U.S. and then shipped according to order nationwide. Willy Cigars only incorporates the best parts of the leaf, which is grown from Cuban seed with a minimum of three years aging, using the leaves with the most veins for the filler and binder to bring that superb, sought-after aroma of the cigar. Willy would love to take your order for premium, well-known brand name quality cigars that have been specially made for you, and for a limited time, shipping is offered free in the U.S. for exceptional, hand-rolled, brand names of cigars that can be browsed on the website at http://www.willycigars.com/.


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