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Cuban cigars were freely available for import into the U.S. until they became, for various political and other reasons, illegal to import. However, as long as they are manufactured in the United States and the tobacco is grown locally they are legal and can be sold anywhere. Willy Cigars is one such company where you can order quality, locally hand-crafted Cuban cigars. These quality Cuban cigars are handmade by Willy himself who boasts over forty-five years of experience in cigar manufacture and supply to connoisseurs nationwide and to tobacconists all over the United States. Visit http://www.willycigars.com/ for more information. Willy Cigars, is owned and managed by Willy himself, always meets high quality expectations in the tobacco connoisseurs market for Cuban cigars because these brand names are an expected quality by cigar smokers everywhere. Willy is a well-known supplier of these brand name, quality Cuban cigars such as Corona, Presidente, and Torpedo to name a few examples.

These Cuban cigar brand names are of exquisite quality and renowned worldwide due to their exceptional type of Cuban seed tobacco leaf that is now grown locally in the U.S. Read about the humble beginnings of Willy and how he was brought up in the Cuban cigar-making industry and his humble beginnings here at http://www.willycigars.com/about.html. Connoisseurs nationwide enjoy the quality Cuban cigar brands that Willy is proud to manufacture because the outer part of the Cuban cigar only incorporates the best parts of the leaf that have been cured for a minimum of three years, and the filler is made from leaves with the most veins to bring that superb, sought-after aroma of the cigar. Today, quality, handmade cigars undergo stringent quality checks after being handmade, and because they are manufactured from many different types of superior Cuban tobacco each are graded according to their type and origination for the brand name they will be used in which is a tricky process that only experienced Cuban cigar makers can follow.

After manufacture, weighing, and checking the Cuban cigars for their proper thicknesses and shapes, they are packaged and labeled for shipping to individuals such as yourself, or tobacconists to meet orders. Willy Cigars' quality Cuban cigars are still very expensive when purchased at retailers due to the high standards and their handmade manufacture and most are still smoked by wealthy people or to celebrate a special occasion. You can purchase these quality Cuban cigars from Willy Cigars now at a fraction of the price you would from these retailers as there are no handling costs and middleman because you are buying direct from the manufacturer.

Willy Cigars also has a promotion at present offering free shipping of these superior Cuban cigars, so get your quality cigars from this website today and save money in every way. Willy would like you to enjoy the best quality Cuban cigars available on the market today. They are made according to the high standards kept up by Cubans who are well-known worldwide for producing the finest Cuban cigars on the market today.


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