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You have no doubt seen many times a father of a newborn whip out cigars to give to everyone congratulating this achievement of being a new father. Cigars are a great way to commemorate an occasion that is memorable at the time and smoking a quality cigar is a social pastime among many connoisseurs and business people. Willy Cigars offers you the finest top quality cigars grown from Cuban seed tobacco locally and also rolled right here in the Unites States. Although it is against the law to import Cuban cigars for well-known reasons producing them locally from locally grown tobacco grown from Cuban seed makes it all possible for you to enjoy the exquisite aroma and taste only Cuban cigars handcrafted from quality Cuban tobacco can bring. Visit http://www.willycigars.com/ to learn more.

Willy Cigars is proud to offer a variety of exclusive brand name cigars shipped directly to you at amazing prices you will only enjoy directly from the manufacturer that are handcrafted from hand-selected tobacco leaves grown locally from Cuban seed that have been aged a minimum of three years, so you can imagine the choice, aroma, and flavor these cigars will give you in enjoyment. The filler that has the most veins brings out that more pleasant taste to the cigar while the outer portions of the leaves are used for the wrapper that contains the least amount of veins. Only 100 percent Connecticut shade wrappers are used resulting in an exceptional cigar that connoisseurs will enjoy everywhere. Browse some of the picture showing the process of making luxury Cuban cigars by Willy Cigars at http://www.willycigars.com/cigar.html, which will give you a better understanding.

Smokers of cigars are very critical about their cigars and connoisseurs will seek out and stay with the quality brand name cigar that appeals the most to them. Many will go to great lengths to establish where the best cigars are available but now that you are at this website you need look no further because handcrafted cigars rolled form exquisite tobacco grown from Cuban seeds is all available at the click of your mouse button and you can order Corona, Havana's or Presidente from Willy Cigars with total peace of mind without worrying about any legalities because all these cigars are made in the United States. Enjoy the prices of these sensational brand names at a fraction of the price you will pay from a tobacconists and we also invite wholesale orders which you can discuss with Willy by using the contact link on this website.

Why not read up on the background of Willy Cigars as well so that when you are enjoying a quality cigar with friends you can recommend us to them while also be knowledgeable about the origination of your quality brand cigar as well. For a limited time only you can enjoy further savings with your purchase because we are offering free shipping for U.S.A. customers during our limited promotion. If you are looking for quality, home grown and handcrafted cigars grown from Cuban seed then look no further than Willy Cigars.


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