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Produced to the highest excellence and filled with the natural flavor of vanilla, they are mild with a smooth and sweet taste that leaves a pleasant sensation on the tip of your tongue. Cuban Vanilla Cigars will burst with aroma when first lit up and it is neither over-powering nor offensive to others.

Cuban Vanilla Cigars are very popular today for their sweet velvety taste and wonderful aroma. You can enjoyably savor that after-taste that will linger on your lips long after the cigar has come to its end. Vanilla flavored cigars come in various packages, and some of these are attractively stored in individual tubes which helps to retain their flavor. They can also be carried with you wherever you go keeping the cigar fresh and full of flavor until you are all set to light up again.

Cuban Vanilla Cigars are enclosed with the extracts which result in a distinctive smoking experience. Flavored cigars seem to be the growing trend nowadays, with several types to select from. However, these have certainly become a major hit with cigar connoisseurs all over the globe. You will find more and more cigar lounges and cigar bars are being established in many of the major elite clubs, creating a sociable environment.

Some cigars today are mechanically produced; nonetheless, there is nothing more impressive or more rewarding than the hand-rolled type. Cuban Vanilla Cigars go through the age-old tradition of carefully planting the seeds, harvesting the finest quality leaves, the curing and fermentation stages to the end product.

Cuban Vanilla Cigars can be appreciated anywhere and at anytime. You may notice the appealing and lingering sweet aroma of the vanilla extracts that permeate. It possibly will leave you eager to light up another delightful cigar.

They make the most superb gifts to give any man, be it your father, brother or best friend for the exclusive and absolute satisfaction the Cuban Vanilla Cigars are capable of delivering.

Invite your closest friends to share in your celebrations, like an engagement, a new birth, that clinched business deal, or perhaps just a warm "Welcome", as Cuban Vanilla Cigars are made from pure inspiration.

Purchasing your Cuban Vanilla Cigars from a reputable supplier ensures that you will receive value for your money, freshness, and superb quality. Like all valued cigars, it is important that they are stored in a proper controlled temperature. Containers (called humidors) are especially designed for those prized cigars to keep the tobacco at a steady level of humidity. They can be fitted for the larger quantities, and portable humidors are readily available.

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