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You are no doubt aware of the current long term ban of importing Cuban cigars into the United States making it extremely difficult to get these quality handmade cigars. Because Willy Cigars manufactures these deluxe Cuban handmade cigars from locally grown tobacco from Cuban seeds then it makes them perfectly legal and you can purchase as many handmade cigars of top Cuban brand names right here at http://www.willycigars.com/. Willy Cigars uses a combination of the utmost care, paying fine attention to detail in handmade rolled Cuban cigars, using quality tobacco leaf that has been cured for up to three years so that cigar smoking connoisseurs can enjoy the best handmade Cuban cigars ever. Willy Cigars knows that you will enjoy these handmade Cuban cigars and after trying one, you will agree that there is nothing else like it in the market today and definitely not at the sensational prices that you can purchase them at directly from the manufacturer.

Willy Cigars is a local company run by and owned by Willy who boasts many years of experience in producing excellent, locally handmade rolled Cuban cigars after starting at a very young age in the industry and you can read about his humble beginnings here at http://www.willycigars.com/about.html.

Cuban handmade cigars are highly sought-after worldwide because it is a status symbol among cigar smokers to smoke these, as well as a symbol of wealth and classiness. You no doubt are aware that quality handmade cigars can be very expensive so many are enjoyed to commemorate a special occasion.

Most handmade cigars are selected for their quality taste and aroma of the smoke, and different Cuban brand names that are made by Willy, use different types of tobacco fillers and outer leaves. Cuban cigars are handmade using many different types of tobacco leaves each unique to its brand name and all Cuban handmade cigars boast a gorgeous yet unique and very pleasant aroma and quality which are kept up to meet the stringent standard with which the Cuban cigars are always associated.

We offer many Cuban brand names that are shown on our website and because you are purchasing directly from Willy Cigars who is the manufacturer and supplier, there is no middleman commissions or other hidden costs so you will enjoy fabulous prices that you will not enjoy anywhere else coupled with free U.S. shipping for a limited time only at http://www.willycigars.com/.

All of our Cuban handmade cigars are unique and we suggest you first try out the different brands before settling down on a type that you really enjoy. Cuban cigars can be mild and rich in smoke aroma or alternatively, very strong and pungent with little or no aroma. The size and thickness does not have any effect on the quality or strength of the taste either, but this is actually derived from the mixture of the tobacco filler blends.

Choosing the right handmade Cuban cigars that you will enjoy the most can only be achieved as a result of experimentation, and Willy Cigars allows you to purchase singular cigars for this purpose until you find one that you really enjoy. Individuals and tobacconists are welcome to order from us directly at http://www.willycigars.com/.


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