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Its A Boy Cigars

"It's a Boy" cigars from Willy Cigars are an exclusive cigar hand-crafted in a sweet vanilla flavor that is made to commemorate your special occasion of the birth of your newborn child. Willy Cigars supplies beautiful cigar rings for "it's a boy" or "it's a girl" exclusive to us. There is no better way to celebrate this momentous occasion, and one has no doubt seen many times how the happy parents pass round quality cigars to mark this special day, so visit http://www.willycigars.com/ to get yours.

Because quality cigars are still very expensive due to the stringent standards of manufacture and the extensive handmade care that is put into each cigar, most are still smoked by wealthy people or to celebrate many special occasions. Our "it's a boy" and "it's a girl" cigars are something special and you can order them from us for your upcoming special occasion if you know that you will be having a son.

If you have no idea, then there is no reason you cannot order both it's a boy and it's a girl cigars from Willy Cigars because we are the manufactures and you will enjoy sensational prices for these quality cigars from us.

Willy is the owner who has been a manufacturer for many years since very young, and he knows that special care and attention to quality tobacco leaves and filler mixes is the key to rolling quality Cuban cigars. Read some more of Willy's rich historical background of how he became a cigar manufacturer here at http://www.willycigars.com/about.html.

Willy Cigars grows exceptional quality tobacco from original Cuban seeds locally grown here in the U.S. and then rolling top quality Cuban cigars by hand that are highly sought-after by tobacco connoisseurs everywhere. You can order it's a boy or it's a girl cigars direct from this website for free nationwide shipping and at extremely superb prices allowing you to purchase more than would have been possible to at any tobacconist. We also have exclusive cigars manufactured from fine tobacco that has been cured in aged cognac which are a special order from us.

Order your it's a boy or it's a girl cigars from us in beautiful custom-made boxes or packages that you can proudly offer around to celebrate your happiness when your baby arrives, and everyone will be pleased to enjoy our special sweet vanilla cigars. Let them know they are exclusive to Willy Cigars and we will be pleased to offer them the same prompt and professional services in shipping and orders.

Why not take some time to browse through all of our superb well-known Cuban Cigar brand names and prices they are offered directly to you at and ask us should you need information on a particular cigar or even if you want an "it's a boy" cigar specially made to suit your occasion. Perhaps you are expecting twins and need something extra special? Willy Cigars looks forward to having you as a regular and satisfied connoisseur of a superb cigar whenever you wish to enjoy it.


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