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President Guillermo "Willy" Carrazana

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Willy Cigars

Feel the superiority and smoothness these cigars offer. Hand-picked from top quality tobacco leaves and using minimum veins for the wrapper. The "filler" contains the most veins, which provides the majority taste to the cigar. Willy Cigars are matured for at least three years to attain excellent texture and smell.

Trust Willy Cigars to bring enjoyment to the "cigar smoker", with all the flavors and mixed aromas to create an unbelievable occasion. Each brand of cigar has its own out of the ordinary fragrance, from spicy, hints of honey, to vanilla. All are favored by the cigar connoisseur.

Back in the late 1950's when Willy was just a small boy, his grandfather who was at that time in the cigar business, introduced his expertise to Willy. Today, Willy's cigars are still made by hand, just as they were so long ago.

The tobacco leaves are grown from Cuban seeds, once ready for harvesting only quality leaves are selected, after which they go through various methods of drying such as shade, heat, and in specially aged cognac barrels. The curing procedure can take up to forty-five days, and this can differ significantly due to weather conditions. The selected leaves are then put through fermentation methods to obtain the needed color of the leaf. Once the leaves have matured, they are then sorted and gathered for the rolling of Willy Cigars. Each brand of cigar is perfectly hand-rolled, wrapped, boxed, and ready to be enjoyed by the many cigar enthusiasts.

It's easy to understand why Willy Cigars has a superior reputation in the marketplace. A well recognized type is the "Havana" besides the additional cigars that he produces. Willy Cigars is symbolic to men all over the world, who are in agreement that there is nothing more pleasurable than the aromas released from cigars. It is legendary in celebrations of a birth, weddings and graduation days, as well as accomplished business deals and christenings, to offer or be offered a cigar as a way of saying "congratulations".

Appropriate storage of your Willy Cigars is imperative to avoid the break down of the flavor. Keeping them in their special wooden containers and at a controlled temperature assures freshness. Cigars should always be handled with the utmost care at all times.

Satisfaction is guaranteed with all premium Willy Cigars to be shared with others in celebrating those special occasions or on your own when you feel the need to indulge yourself. Discover the art of superior cigars - go to www.willycigars.com


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